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WELL DONE APS Gar Jnr - British Council Awarded International School Award (ISA)2015-18 to Army Public School Garrison Junior ** CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL STUDENTS & STAFF MEMBERS. ** Happy Independence Day ** School will re open on 17th August 2015 ** School Timings from Monday 17th August, 2015 : 07:30 A.M to 01:35 P.M.

Principal’s Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to APS (Garrison Junior) through this website. APS (Garrison Junior) established in 1954, is one of the elite feeder units for Senior Schools. We encourage our students to set high goals for themselves and help them to achieve their targets. Plenty of opportunities are provided to the students to show their talents in different fields of life with a variety of concepts.

We visualize our school as a place where the Students, Parents and all Stake holders are given their due respect and regard’.

This website will help you know about our wonderful students, our school and have a feel for the vibrancy and strength of our Junior School.

If you have any idea or suggestion, please feel free to share it with us.




APS (Garrison Junior)

(Mrs Noreen Hayat Malik)

APS Garrison Junior Lahore Cantt is an International School Award (ISA) accredited school which has served as a catalyst to arouse the feeling of responsibility and awareness in pupils and teachers as global citizens. It has developed the sense of Learning by Sharing across the global with national and international partner schools. Journey through this platform of ISA has inculcated a new sense of responsibility among teachers, students and a change in the attitude of parents as well. They have started appreciating brining global dimensions in the classrooms.


School will re-open on 17th August 2015 for all students.


To impart high quality broad-based education at an affordable fee structure in a congenial environment with special emphasis on character building and personality development.


As a junior school, we aspire to provide a stimulating environment not only conducive for learning but also for developing various facets of students’ personality. Efforts are aimed at making them confident individuals, good Muslims, true Pakistanis and to inculcate in students the habit of punctuality, sense of duty and ‘spirit-de-corps’.

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OUR Objectives

·  To train the students for making useful contribution at home, school and the community in general.

·  To encourage the students to explore experiments and express individual creativeness.

·  To develop in students clean, safe and systematic work habits.